Highlights from CCEDNet’s 2016 Annual General Meeting

June 16, 2016

CCEDNet's 2016 Annual General MeetingLast week, CCEDNet members gathered online to participate in the annual general meeting (AGM).

This was the second year CCEDNet has held an entirely virtual AGM.  With a bilingual webinar platform for moving, seconding and voting on resolutions, a chat room for written comments and questions, an English teleconference, a French teleconference, and simultaneous translation between the two, there were a lot of moving parts.

Fortunately, it all came together: with Ryan Gibson chairing his first AGM as CCEDNet Board President, the meeting ran smoothly (with just one minor technical delay), and feedback was very positive again this year about the level of interaction.  

CCEDNet’s Executive Director, Mike Toye, presented highlights from 2015. The theme of this year’s annual review was ‘Action for Community Economies’, reflecting the outreach campaign CCEDNet led through 2015, in preparation for and during the federal election. 

CCEDNet’s Treasurer, Christine Landry, presented the audited financial statements, noting that with the federal election and preparations for the long awaited return of the national CED conference in 2016, 2015 was a year of investment for CCEDNet. 

One item of special business was on this year’s AGM agenda:  an update to CCEDNet’s articles of incorporation, to better reflect the Network’s evolving position and role since its founding in 1999.

Members welcomed Laurie Cook to the Board, congratulated Marianne Jurzyniec, Walter Hossli and Yvon Poirier on renewed Board mandates, and expressed gratitude to outgoing Board members Norman Greenberg and Art Lew.   

Many thanks to the members who participated, the staff who organized the logistics, and to CCEDNet’s Board members who guide the Network throughout the year.