Region: Alberta

CCEDNet has a strong set of members, recently we’ve been supporting them and their partners in developing AB Seed.

In Alberta, we have a strong set of members. Over the past number of years, we’ve been working together to build stronger infrastructure for CED and the social economy, including hosting Econous 2017 in Calgary with Momentum and a collaboration of community partners. In 2019, working together with Momentum and the Edmonton Community Foundation, we released the Alberta Social Innovation & Finance Strategy. Recently, we’ve been a supportive partner of the developing provincial group – Alberta Social Economy Ecosystem Development, or AB Seed. That collaborative is working together to collectively increase the scale and coordination of the social impact of Alberta’s economy.


AB Seed

AB Seed (Alberta Social Economy Ecosystem Development) is a collaborative of leaders connected in various ways to efforts aiming to achieve social impact through economic activity. They are maximizing the…


September 14, 2022 to December 21, 2022

Join this Community of Practice hosted by Adopting Common Measures Team and make better data-based decisions by tracking your social impact! About this eventTRACK, MEASURE & REPORT your social Impact!…

October 6 - December 15

We welcome you to join a community of brave, innovative and determined leaders from across Canada to examine self-leadership, leading and understanding others, and leading within an organization through 6…