Region: Quebec

Quebec’s social economy is an inspiring model for other regions.

The social economy in this province is advanced and inspiring, and other regions have often looked to analyse their own development in light of what’s been achieved there. In Quebec, CCEDNet has a long-standing partnership with Chantier de l’economie sociale, making sure to coordinate on relevant action in that province. We also re-launched our national conference Econous in Montréal in 2016, partnering with CEDEC.


September 14, 2022 to December 21, 2022

Join this Community of Practice hosted by Adopting Common Measures Team and make better data-based decisions by tracking your social impact! About this eventTRACK, MEASURE & REPORT your social Impact!…

October 6 - December 15

We welcome you to join a community of brave, innovative and determined leaders from across Canada to examine self-leadership, leading and understanding others, and leading within an organization through 6…