Introducing the Green Pastures Society Network

April 26, 2019

Green Pastures Society logoThe Green Pastures Society Network equips organizations with the knowledge and Financial Advocacy tools to help their clients get the financial and other economic resources that they are entitled to from programs established by government available to help Canadians. Finally a solution whose time has come! 


Financial challenges are among the major problems faced by New Immigrants to Canada. [1] 

Canada’s Minimum Wages no longer enough to makes ends meet. [2]

66 per cent of Toronto’s Immigrant Community can’t cover household expenses. [3] 


Government financial supports play an important role in helping Canadians avoid poverty. [4] 

Groups on the margins of society [including New Immigrants] are at risk of not receiving benefits to which they are entitled. [5] 

As a result “Billions in government benefits go unclaimed” by the people they are meant to help.  [6] 


[Financially challenged New Immigrants] have two main difficulties: insufficient income to participate successfully in a Market-based society (financial exclusion), and lack of knowledge of the unfamiliar aspects of the [Canadian] money system, a product of this financial exclusion.” [7] 


  1. We equip you to be able to assess which benefits are available to assist your client. You will be trained on our proprietary software to guide you in identifying financial and other supports available to help your client. 
  2.  We train qualified staff on how to enrol your clients for the benefits that they qualify for so that financial and other resources can flow to them on a timely basis. 
  3. We provide online, telephone and in person support to help you deliver as first rate Financial Advocacy Program to your clients. 
  4. Our training programs are delivered In Person or Online depending on the type of training required. 
  5. The Cost of Annual Membership – $ 1:00 per each client that your organization has. 


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Tetteh Hadjor

Tetteh Kofi Hadjor, MBA, CA [1984 to 1999] Founder/Research Director Green Pastures Society ™ 

Showing the Way out of the Labyrinth “Connecting low- Income persons and families to financial supports, solutions and economic opportunities.” 

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