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Investment Readiness Program (IRP) February funding deadlines: Chantier de l’économie sociale & NAFC

February 9, 2023

CCEDNet and the federal Investment Readiness Program (IRP)

CCEDNet is the convener of program partners, co-building the social finance / social innovation ecosystem of support, including partners who raise awareness, develop expert services, consider how diverse demographics can get connected to this field, and the ‘readiness support partners’ who disburse Investment Readiness Program (IRP) funding to Social Purpose Organizations. Our role is to co-create and maintain a support system to connect the IRP partners as a network of expertise, grounded in equity, diversity, and inclusion – we convene them in meetings, work with WISIR on a principles-focused evaluation and systems map, with Startup Canada on digital infrastructure, and are delivering a small fund to bring additional partners on board who fill gaps in the ecosystem.  Most of this round’s IRP funding (IRP 2.0) is already flowing through the Readiness Support Partners to grassroots organization Social Purpose Organizations.  Now we are entering into a new phase of seeing how IRP funding has resulted in impacts, outcomes and enhancing the organizations doing work in their communities to get investment-ready.  

Last calls for applications:

National Association of Friendship Centres (Feb 13) & Chantier de l’economie sociale (Feb 9)

Don’t miss your chance to apply for IRP funding: the Readiness Support Partners who still currently have open calls for applications. National Association of Friendship Centres funds urban-based Indigenous Social Purpose Organizations and all NAFC-member Friendship Centres and Provincial / Territorial Associations are eligible to apply for the IRP, with a deadline of February 13th. Chantier de l’économie sociale funds Quebec-based Social Purpose Organizations – their deadline is officially February 9th (with the application form open to waitlisted projects until February 28th).

IRP success stories

Now that most of the IRP 2.0 funds have been disbursed, we are seeing the impact that this funding has had on organizations and communities. Check out some of the success stories such as the Spotlights on our IRP blog, the NAFC’s IRP-funded projects from their previous 2022 round of IRP 2.0 funding, and success stories from co-ops which have received funding from Cooperatives and Mutuals Canada.

Susanna Redekop

Susanna Redekop is the Engagement Manager for the Investment Readiness Program (IRP), part of the Regional Initiatives team at CCEDNet.  As part of the Investment Readiness Program team, Susanna builds and maintains relationships and communications between the various partner organizations involved in delivering and supporting the IRP to ultimately support a stronger Social Finance / Social Innovation ecosystem for Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) and communities across Canada.