It’s Time for a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy for Canada

July 23, 2018

The government needs to ‘do different,’ by rethinking the way they partner with social purpose organizations and empowering community-level responses to the challenges that matter to them. Let’s unleash the potential of social innovation and social finance to address Canada’s most intractable social and environmental challenges.

What is social innovation and social finance?

Many social purpose organizations are committed to finding transformative solutions, but we face barriers in our efforts.

That’s why the federal Government created a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy Co-Creation Steering Group. The Steering Group members – from across sectors and regions – led a nationwide engagement over the past year.

It’s time for a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy for CanadaFind out what they heard in this brochure

Why is this important?

Social purpose organizations form a rich ecosystem as important contributors to both the economy and our collective-wellbeing. Our goal is to have a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy included in the 2019 federal budget, but we need your help!

So, how can you help?

Make your voice heard. Connect with your MP.

Inform them of your support for a Strategy.

Do you know who your MP is? Use your postal code to find out HERE

Participate in iMPact Day: Invite your MP to visit your organization

From August 15 to September 16, Imagine Canada is challenging MPs to visit social purpose organizations in their regions.

Sometimes the most convincing case is the one seen first hand. Use this opportunity to inform your MP about the real impact a government-supported Strategy could have for the challenges faced by their constituents. Learn more

Not able to participate in iMPact Day? There are other ways to get involved!

Send an email or mail a letter to your MP

To write an impactful letter, try to personalize it! Include relevant barriers you face, with examples of how social innovation and social finance improve outcomes.

For general tips to help you write a more effective letter, send an email to innovate4impact at

Use Social Media

  • Tweet your MP using hashtags #innovate4impact #sisfs
  • Post in your riding’s Facebook Group
  • Share the video to spread the word about social innovation and social finance