Join us at Stronger Together: 2009 Manitoba CD/CED Gathering!

October 14, 2009

Join others engaged in all aspects of building fairer and stronger local economies, tackling poverty and homelessness, and investing in sustainable communities for a full day of networking, learning, sharing, and inspiration.

With over 30 workshops, this free, all-day event takes place on October 23rd at St. John’s High School in Winnipeg’s North End.

There is no charge for registering for this conference.

Registration closes October 21st at 12 midnight Central Time.

Here is a selection of the workshops confirmed thus far:

Session One (morning)

  • CED 101 / Profile Project
  • Expanding the Capacity to Serve
  • Transforming or reforming capitalism
  • It takes all day to be poor- 2009 inner city report CCPA
  • Putting you in youth engagement
  • Revitalizing Rural MB -two communities stories
  • Evaluation – Creating the framework
  • CCEDNET Policy
  • Removing barriers and creating opportunities for Manitoban’s with Disabilities
  • Sharing Responsibility, Sharing Wealth Participatory Management and Participatory Economics

Session Two (early afternoon)

  • Effective Proposal Writing (please note this session will be offered twice today)
  • Poverty Reduction: Measuring the Impacts of a CED Approach
  • Youth cooperative of services
  • Social Enterprise 101 Putting the E in CED
  • History of the Indian Act
  • Creating a limit- Creating awareness of Peak Energy
  • Building a global movement: How we are part of and can build global solidarity for social, economic and environmental justice
  • The Building of Community – Local Jobs, Housing and CED
  • Collaborating for a Common Vision: What’s Health Got to Do with It?
  • Ready for Anything – Preparing for Disaster Resiliency

Session Three (later afternoon)

  • Effective Proposal Writing (please note this session will be offered twice today)
  • Advanced Social Enterprise
  • Introducing West Central Women’s Resource Centre’s new Jeopardy Games: Residential Tenancies Jeopardy, EIA Jeopardy and Rewarding Work Jeopardy
  • The Art of Collaboration
  • The Way We Eat – A CED Approach to Building Sustainable Local Food Systems
  • NGO Handbook
  • Aboriginal Co-ops: Arctic and Winnipeg
  • Social Enterprise Development as an Effective Tool for Immigrant Settlement
  • Sexually Exploited Youth