Join Us for a Webinar on ‘Clarifying and Simplifying CED to Localize Prosperity’ | June 4th

May 27, 2015

Localizing prosperity is about building upon existing strengths so that communities can develop from within, maximizing the local economic and social benefits for everyone.

It is based on a virtuous circle of local empowerment, thriving local business and wellbeing (diagram on the right).

Join us on June 4th for a webinar with Karen Leach of Localise West Midlands in the UK to explore the work that she has done to encourage the application of community economic development by businesses and public institutions, to effectively evaluate CED activities and demonstrate impact, and to address prevalent social and economic challenges at local and regional levels.

With their new resource “Localising Prosperity,” Localize West Midlands are clearly and simply outlining the CED approach, sources of inspiration, and guidance for implementation for diverse audiences: public institutions, communities, businesses – anyone interested in making places better and sharing prosperity.

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About the Presenter

Karen Leach is Co-ordinator of Localise West Midlands (LWM) in the UK. LWM is a small non-profit think-tank, campaign group and consultancy whose aim is to promote a more localised approach to supply chains, money flow and decision-making in order to form a more just and sustainable economy. Karen’s professional interests are in economic efficiency in terms of sustainability outcomes and in economic awareness and empowerment amongst the general public.

About the Respondent

Stewart Perry is an honorary lifetime member of CCEDNet. He is one of the pioneers of CED in the US and Canada, as both a policy adviser and a designer and manager of CED institutions. Stewart currently specializes in community and development finance as an associate with the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal.

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