Leading by Example: CCEDNet-MB Awarded for Excellence in Sustainability

April 10, 2013

Earlier this month, Canadian CED Network – Manitoba was recognized for its work in educating Manitobans about the environmental, social, and economic benefits of sustainable development. Each year, the Province of Manitoba celebrates individuals and organizations that turn the province’s guidelines for sustainability into concrete achievements through the Excellence in Sustainability Awards.

CCEDNet-Manitoba received the Education for Sustainability Award. This distinction recognizes CCEDNet-Manitoba’s efforts to inform policymakers and citizens about the benefits and impacts of using a holistic approach towards sustainable development, which seeks to build strong, equitable and more environmentally-friendly communities. Our Manitoba office was recognized for four key areas of work: 

  • Public Education & Outreach: Through practical and cutting-edge research, CCEDNet-Manitoba helps celebrate the success of innovative sustainable development programs throughout the province. With our communications outlets, CCEDNet-Manitoba engages with thousands of Manitobans on a regular basis, and helps keep them informed about the latest news and events related to sustainability.
  • Community Capacity Building: CCEDNet-Manitoba’s workshops and learning events educate Manitobans on the benefits of sustainability, and help build the skills and capacity of non-profits across the province so they can maximize their community impact.
  • Policy Action: To create a  supportive policy environment for sustainable development, CCEDNet-Manitoba actively works with local government officials to enact legislative changes that support and strenthen the work of its members.
  • Lead by Example: As an organization, CCEDNet-Manitoba has seized every opporunitiy to make its day-to-day operations as sustainable as possible – from conducting an environmental audit, to achieving 100% participation rate in the Commuter Challenge.

Click the link below to download the entire nomination for CCEDNet-Manitoba (pdf).

The Award places CCEDNet-Manitoba in the impressive company of other organizations such as: Assiniboine Credit Union, East Interlake Conservation District, Gimli, Green Action Centre, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival.     

Photo Credit: Tracey Goncalves, Government of Manitoba Photographer