Manitoba CED Network Supports New Taxi Coop

June 30, 2008


The Winnipeg Taxi Co-op is an excellent opportunity through which to create economic opportunities for drivers through a worker-ownership model in which they will equitably participate in the leadership, decision making, and profits of the company. And as worker-owners, they will be able to ensure that working conditions and employment benefits will be improved to adequately meet their needs and those of their families. This is extremely important, as there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that drivers are not made fully aware of their employment rights and are, in fact, often intentionally exploited as a result of their social and economic insecurity.

This is an excellent opportunity for the Taxicab Board to make a significant difference in the lives of many people who otherwise face many barriers in our city by supporting the Taxi Co-op, and at the same time enhance the critical cab services that are so important to many of our communities by increasing the number of licenses issued.

To view the Manitoba CED Network support letter, click here!