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Manitoba Member Connection: The Power of Convening

March 7, 2024

From an interview with Rushana Newman (Executive Director, Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation) in 2023

“One of the strengths of Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (BNRC) is the employees who often go above and beyond the call of duty. We seem to be able to step into just about any role that the community wants us to step into. We are problem solvers.

We have three social enterprises, including BNRC Construction and Fresh Start Specialty Cleaning. We hire persons with barriers to employment. After COVID, we were not getting contracts and we’ve been experiencing deficits. So, I put out a call for help. I sent an email to CCEDNet saying I just needed some support and guidance.

Immediately CCEDNet staff organized a meeting with six other social enterprises. Not only did they come to the meeting with advice, but they also did background homework before the meeting!

I was able to land answers and specific contacts with Manitoba housing. Now I can have those conversations in terms of getting specific contracts in and around Brandon. Going into that meeting, I was optimistic. Coming out of that meeting I felt fulfilled.

That’s one of the big ways in which our organization has been supported by CCEDNet.”

CCEDNet is an umbrella organization that connects the web of nonprofits. We’re all interconnected, but with CCEDNet , we have those conversations that show you how we can achieve so much more together. We don’t have to work in silos.

I think CCEDNet helps to bridge those gaps so that we also don’t have to try to figure out stuff on our own when other organizations have those expertise.”
 – Rushana Newman, Executive Director, BNRC

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Thank you Cate Friesen from The Story Source for interviewing Rushana!