Manitoba Takes Bigger Steps for Child Care

May 6, 2014

Last week marked a very successful step for the hard work of child care advocates in Manitoba. The Province of Manitoba has committed to a substantial 5-year plan for child care, including investing in 5,000 newly funded spaces, $25M for child-care centre capital projects, higher wages for Early Childhood Educators, and the creation of an Early Learning and Child Care Commission.

CCEDNet-MB’s members passed a resolution for the increased support of child care in the Fall of 2012. Since then we have worked with our member-organizations, including the Child Care Coalition of Manitoba, calling for more Provincial support of child care. Recently this has included submitting to the Public Consultation on Early Learning and Child Care in Manitoba, and our 2014 Provincial Pre-Budget Submission.

As outlined in a previous blog post, child care is a corner stone of complete communities and community economic development. Investments in child care and high quality learning services is one of the most effective means of reducing poverty and promoting economic growth in our communities. For every $1 invested in child care in Manitoba, $1.58 returns to rural and northern economies and $1.38 returns to the Winnipeg economy. Every child care job created leads to 2.15 jobs being created or sustained, and an estimated $715 million is earned by mothers and fathers available to work due to child care (source). Furthermore, child care is critical to ensuring Manitobans have the time to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for full participation in our society.

“Child care is a cornerstone of complete communities and community economic development.”

In light of these community benefits, new child care spaces should be prioritized for Manitoban communities who face the greatest social and economic challenges. Allowing parents to continue their education or employment helps contribute to familial and community stability. And with over 10,000 names on the Online Child Care Registry, there are many more opportunities to be seized. CCEDNet-MB looks forward to working with our member-organizations and the Province to roll out this 5-year commitment and ensure our communities and families have access to safe and affordable child care. We all win when our children prosper.