Manitoba’s 2016 Provincial Election: Questions for Candidates and Events

February 4, 2016

Policy Questions for Candidates and Election Events

With Manitoba’s elections upcoming on April 19, 2016, staff and members of the Canadian CED Network – Manitoba are calling on all registered political parties, the Green Party, Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, Progressive Conservative Party and the Communist Party to share their position on policies that support our collective vision of fairer and stronger local economies, reduced poverty, and more sustainable communities. In particular, members of CCEDNet–MB prioritized the following five policy ideas and questions for candidates.

Please use these resources to ask your own candidate where they stand on the issues that matter to CCEDNet–MB members.

Policy Questions for Candidates

Community Poverty Reduction Strategy      Creating Jobs through
Social Enterprise
Building a Green
Investing in Northern
Food Security

The complete election policy questionnaire can be found here.

Candidates’ Responses!

The Green Party and the New Democratic Party were the only two parties to make it a priority to respond. The links to the full responses as submitted are below. After multiple communication attempts the Progressive Conservatives, the Liberals, and the Communist Party did not submit responses to our policy priorities.

Green Party of Manitoba

New Democratic Party of Manitoba

Election Events

Don’t miss the following member campaigns, and events related to CCEDNet–MB policy areas!

Please note that CCEDNet Manitoba does not endorse all of these campaigns and events, but are sharing those related to our policy areas that may be of interest to members.


Election Events (*CCEDNet member event)

  • April 19, 2016– Election Day!


Election Information

Registered Political Parties