March 2010 Practitioner of the Month: David Bruce

March 9, 2010

The Social Economy stories are designed to provide practitioners’ perspectives on what the Social Economy means to them and their communities. In particular, the stories featured here highlight the voices of Aboriginal, immigrant and women practitioners. Check back, each month as the Canadian CED Network will be featuring a new practitioner of the month.

David Bruce is a member of the Atlantic Node of the Canadian Social Economy Hub and Director of the Rural and Small Town Programme (RSTP) at Mount Allison University.

This program teaches individuals and organizations how to adapt to change and act on opportunities to develop sustainable rural communities and small towns. The program links research and action by generating and sharing knowledge, developing tools, and providing information and educational services, that lead to innovative approaches and solutions. Recently, the program completed a study on the impacts of low literacy rates in rural New Brunswick and created a series of student-produced videos about various aspects of rural community economic development.