Patlee Creary

Reyou Mindfulness Collective

Storyteller, Group Facilitator, Founder

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As a researcher, author, and adult educator, Patlee Creary has worked across sectors, collected numerous lived experiences, and studied the latest data on mental and social health, workplace well-being, and community development. This work has informed an array of presentations and workshops focusing on social entrepreneurship, diversity and belonging, and mental health and well-being. Patlee is a highly-rated blogger, storyteller, group facilitator, and the Founder of Reyou Mindfulness Collective, a rural Manitoban social enterprise. Her role is to connect people to purpose and community through innovative explorations of social impact, workplace health and well-being, and personal resilience. Her workshops and keynotes are suitable for association and company-wide meetings, leadership retreats, internal board and team meetings, and staff personal development and resettlement programs.