New Making Waves Issue: Winter 2007

February 6, 2008

Making Waves, Winter 2007

Contributors to this edition wrestle with the potential to use community economic development and social economy to transform, not reform, the way our communities function. The gap between what we actually do and what else truly needs doing is a source of anxiety to some, exhilaration to others. Here’s a sample …

A Successful Succession
After 15 years in harness, the founders of the Women in Need Society began to prepare for retirement. To whom could they entrust not just its shops, programs, and bursaries for women in transition, but a greater agenda of community change?

Social Economy & Solidarity Economy
Most practitioners of social economy draw a heavy line between what they do, and what happens in the private and public systems. Yet two outstanding social economy organizations owe much of their impact to close collaboration with those systems.

Community Development Law & the Future of Canada’s Community Sector
We have unleashed the private sector on many of Canada’s problems; it’s time we unleashed social enterprise, too. One way to do that is to build the legal infrastructure that befits a movement for social change.

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