New Web Platform Promotes CED Initiatives for Responsible Investment

November 24, 2014

Launched this fall, Ethiquette is the first independent, bilingual platform intended for individual investors. It offers information on the full spectrum of responsible investment strategies and products available in Canada, including many CED funds and projects.

For example, CCEDNet members ACEM, the St. John Community Loan Fund and Manitoba’s Jubilee Fund are cited, among others, as examples of viable community investment funds. Some community bonds offerings are described, as are social economy investment offerings. Quebec’s development capital funds (like Fondaction CSN, Fonds de Solidarité FTQ and the Capital regional et cooperative Desjardins) as well as Nova Scotia’s CEDIFs are also explained in plain language to the growing number of Canadians who are interested in buying and investing local.

While financial advisers are not generally compensated financially for helping their clients find social finance products, this site can certainly makes it easier for them, and their clients, to integrate CED investment into their responsible investment portfolio.

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