One Earth and CCEDNet Publish Voices of New Economies

June 19, 2015

How do we define ‘new economies’?

What are the edges and contours of emerging ideas that put people, place and planet first?

One Earth and the Canadian Community Economic Development Network joined forces to crowdsource a range of perspectives on new economies. What began as a blog series has now been assembled into a compendium. 

Voices of New Economies is inspired by all those who are rising up to shape new economic systems, recognizing that our current practices are no longer serving us well – ecologically, socially and even financially. The collection gives voice to innovative leaders who are finding different paths forward.

Thanks to The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation for supporting this series and report as part of Cities for People.

Read the Voices of New Economies report online


1. Rethinking our Fundamentals
     Carol Anne Hilton
     Alex Wood
     Mike Sandmel
     Nancy Neamtam
     Mike Toye
     Vanessa Timmer
     William Rees

2. Healthy Ecosystems, Happy Communities
     Adam Lynes-Ford
     Charles Montgomery
     Mandy McDougall
     Pallavi Roy

3. Building an Inclusive Economy
     David LePage
     Jessica Knowler
     Ken Lyotier
     Lis Suarez
     Marianne Jurzyniec

4. Tools & Policies to get us there
     Anne Jamieson
     Justin Ritchie
     Mike McGinn
     Nabeel Ahmed
     Peter Pula
     Todd Scaletta
     Victoria Wee

5. New Economies at Work
     Alexa Pitoulis
     Lucy Gao
     Nadine Gudz
     Portia Sam
     Sean Geobey
     Sean McHugh

What does real wealth mean to you?