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Community Action for Workforce Development

The Community Action for Workforce Development program is an initiative funded by the Government of Canada through the Community Workforce Development Program that pilots intersectional, community-led workforce planning models in three rural communities across Canada that support economic diversification strategies that take action on climate change and contribute to clean growth. In each community, the process engages small and medium enterprises from a range of industries and sectors as well as relevant community-based organizations and public agencies in community workforce planning, training and work placements in order to provide upskilling and reskilling training, wrap-around supports and work placements.

Project Partners

Community Data Program (CDP): CDP is preparing a rural community workforce development data portal for all municipalities across Canada to provide secondary data that can support these communities in developing their own workforce development plans and enacting a similar project.

Community Partners

Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake

Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake is a community driven, non-profit organization focused on supporting small to medium enterprises with business development and loans. Community Futures is a pillar of support to the surrounding rural region and is committed to supporting local businesses to build sustainable, inclusive, and thriving communities.

Community Futures develops and manages a number of initiatives including studies, census surveys, labour attraction and retention events, business training events, conferences, and economic development projects. There are business loan options, training courses, personal business coaching and networking events available for small businesses.

Community Futures has been supporting small business and rural economic diversification since 1986 in 27 officers throughout rural communities in Alberta, and 269 in the country.

Golden Community Economic Development

Golden Community Economic Development (Golden CED) is an inclusive nonprofit which engages and supports residents with community-led development. Our initiatives aim to contribute to a vibrant and healthy economic, social and environmental landscape where all residents have access to a good quality of life and a sustainable future.

Golden CED Guiding Principles:

  • Quality of life – making Golden a great place to live, work and play.
  • Sustainable growth – preserving the community, small-town feel, local experience and affordability.
  • Economic diversification – support current industries and attract new ones (cleantech) and also support small business growth.
  • Climate action – protect the environment, and natural amenities, and ensure climate security.


WildRoga is a Black led company with a profound focus on wellness and community empowerment. They are dedicated to collaborating with like-minded organizations and enterprises that prioritize community-driven initiatives through creative solutions.

Through a variety of events, comprehensive training programs, expert consulting, and coaching services, WildRoga provides invaluable resources to bolster local businesses and community-led projects. Their commitment extends to supporting marginalized communities in rural areas, striving to break down barriers.

WildRoga also champions creative endeavours that help individuals connect with their passions, fostering personal growth beyond the constraints of traditional structures. Their mission revolves around empowering, unifying, and unlocking the full potential of communities.

Chúk Odenigbo

Community Workforce Development Program Manager

Rahima Paiman

Community Workforce Development Program Coordinator