Learning & Capacity Building

Community Action for Workforce Development

The Community Action for Workforce Development program is an initiative funded by the Government of Canada through the Community Workforce Development Program that pilots intersectional, community-led workforce planning models in three rural communities across Canada that support economic diversification strategies that take action on climate change and contribute to clean growth. In each community, the process engages small and medium enterprises from a range of industries and sectors as well as relevant community-based organizations and public agencies in community workforce planning, training and work placements in order to provide upskilling and reskilling training, wrap-around supports and work placements.

Project Partners

Factor 5 Group (Factor 5): Factor 5 is leading direct community engagement and is the point of contact for municipal and business partners who wish to be involved in the project.

Community Data Program (CDP): CDP is preparing a rural community workforce development data portal for all municipalities across Canada to provide secondary data that can support these communities in developing their own workforce development plans and enacting a similar project.

Chúk Odenigbo

Community Workforce Development Program Manager

Rahima Paiman

Community Workforce Development Program Coordinator