Past Projects

Social Enterprise Ecosystem Project (S4ES)

Established in 2016, Social Enterprise Ecosystem Project (S4ES) was mandated to address five of the Six Pillars of the Supportive Ecosystem for Social Enterprise Development, created by the Social Enterprise Council of Canada.

To achieve this goal, S4ES partners – CCEDNet, Buy Social Canada, Le Chantier de l’économie sociale, the Social Enterprise Institute, and the Social Value Lab – combined forces to optimize co-operation and create an unmatched network of partners to support social enterprise leaders. S4ES helped social enterprises start up and grow, sell their products and services, measure their impact, network, and learn best practices in social procurement and social impact measurement.

With support from Employment and Social Development Canada, the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and others, the project was dedicated to strengthening and promoting the Canadian social enterprise sector. 

Although the project ended in late 2021, there is still a wealth of resources, materials, and online courses available via the Social Enterprise Institute and Buy Social Canada on the project website. 

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