Past Projects

The Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships

From 2006, to 2011, CCEDNet supported the development of the Social Economy through involvement in the Canadian Social Economy Resarch Partnerships (CSERP).

Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) the CSERP created alliances between universities and community groups across the country and allowed them to carry out in-depth research into the realities and possibilities of the Social Economy in Canada.

The CSERP was organized into six regional nodes and a national hub called the Canadian Social Economy Hub (CSEHub). CCEDNet was the community partner in the CSEHub, and worked with the University partner, the British Columbia Institute for Cooperative Studies at the University of Victoria to promote collaboration between the regional nodes and to publicize research results with a focus on community/practitioner application, policy development, the cultivation of public awareness, and the development of further opportunities for Social Economy research.

The work of the CSEHub was co-directed by Ian MacPherson (former director of the BC Institute for Co-operative Studies) and Rupert Downing (former executive director of CCEDNet).

To learn more about the CSERP, visit the CSEHub website and download a copy of the CSEHub brochure.