Province of Manitoba’s Economic Growth Strategy Consultations Underway

May 22, 2018

Manitoba’s Economic Growth StrategyThe Province of Manitoba is creating a new Economic Growth Strategy that will aim to deal with current challenges in the province’s economic development system as well as leverage opportunities in the future. This strategy is framed as being an overarching, guiding roadmap that other economic development, labour force support, and sector development work will be aligned against.

Policy development like this strategy present an important opportunity to engage with the Province on a wide-ranging community-based economic approach that builds community and individual wealth, encourages more local ownership, and takes into consideration the range of social supports required to ensure economic growth is inclusive and sustainable for all Manitobans.

CCEDNet Manitoba is submitting a written brief to this process which you can see here.

The call for submissions is due May 25

Find out more about the strategy and how to add a submission online or in writing at the Province’s website.

For more information, get in touch with Sarah Leeson-Klym, Regional Director at 204-943-0547 or sleesonklym at