Québec Government Launches Social Economy Action Plan

June 11, 2015

The Plan d’action gouvernemental en économie sociale 2015-2020 [in French only] anticipates a total investment of more than 100 million dollars over five years to support Québec social economy enterprises. The measures that will be implemented will contribute to the creation or maintenance of 30,000 jobs and will generate total investments of over 500 million dollars by 2020.

This plan, which was developed through the collaboration of numerous private and public partners, aims, among other things, to optimize social economy enterprises’ service offers in order to respond to three important social challenges: home-care services for persons with decreasing independence, integration into the work force and entrepreneurial successions.

Social economy enterprises, also called collective enterprises, produce and sell various goods and services while also responding to social needs such as socio-professional integration, job creation, upkeep of outreach services and the preservation of the local cultural life. Québec currently has more than 7,000 social economy enterprises that employ more than 150,000 persons.

Find out more and consult the action plan [French only]

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