Recommendations for the 2016 Federal Budget

August 7, 2015

The Canadian CED Network’s Policy Council has submitted a response to the federal government’s invitation for pre-budget submissions for the 2016 Federal Budget. The submission, sent to the Standing Committee on Finance, focuses on social procurement policy and training on social enterprise and co-operative for government staff.

The Recommendations for the 2016 Federal Budget are to:

  1. Build on the experience of the CED sector in performance-­based contracts by documenting and adopting most effective practices and enhancing the investment readiness of community groups.
  2. Provide funding for the replication of successful community economic development investment initiatives across the country.
  3. Implement social value weighting in all RFPs and contracts.
  4. Provide social enterprises, non-­profits, and co‐operatives access to existing regulatory and tax measures and business development programs available to small-­ and medium-­enterprises. This should be coupled with awareness-­‐raising efforts for government officials to ensure a level playing field for alternative forms of incorporation.
  5. Implement a CED policy framework, inclusive of CED principles and a CED lens.

Read the full pre-budget submission

Postscript: Due to the dissolution of Parliament on August 2nd, 2015 for the election this fall, the Standing Committee on Finance is no longer accepting briefs in relation to Pre-Budget Consultations.