Recommendations Sought for Canada’s National Housing Strategy

July 8, 2016

lets talk housing

On June 28, the federal government announced its long awaited consultation process on the development of a National Housing Strategy. The government is looking for your input now. CCEDNet members have been calling for the development of a national housing strategy for many years.

The consultation will take place in two phases.  The first phase will involve establishing high level outcomes and objectives for a National Housing Strategy.  The second phase will consult with Canadians on specific policy recommendations and innovations in a number of thematic areas along the housing spectrum. 

For more information on the first phase, and to submit ideas on the high level outcomes, visit the government’s official consultation website:

The input of housing advocacy groups will be very important in these consultations, as explained in this blog by CCEDNet member Right to Housing.  The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association has repurposed its Housing4All webpage to share background materials, reports, and previous CHRA interventions to help inform input. The website also provides a questionnaire seeking feedback on a range of policy questions related to the scope of the National Housing Strategy. 

Provide your input!