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September 30, 2014

There’s a lot going on next week! Friends and allies of the New Economy Coalition have planned over 80 events for New Economy Week 2014. Take a look at the map and attend an event in your area.

No matter where you live, there will be a way for you to join the conversation.

From Tuesday to Friday next week, the New Economy Coalition will be hosting a panel discussion each day featuring community leaders from across the US and Canada. Check out the line-up below…

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Check out the line-up below…

There Are Many Alternatives: System Change Not Climate Change

Tuesday, October 14 @ 3-4pm EST

Climate change is both an existential threat to the future of humanity and a present-day struggle for many communities on the frontlines of extractive industry. It is also perhaps the greatest opportunity we’ve had to build a broad-based movement for economic system change. This panel will explore how the struggle for climate justice can be a lens for imagining and building the new economy we need.


Scaling Power for a Just Transition: Strategies to Catalyze the New Economy

Wednesday, October 15 @ 4-5pm EST

Our ideas for an alternative economy — no matter how beautiful, logical, or even necessary they are — aren’t going anywhere without social movement power. The good news is that this movement is emerging. While we have a lot of work ahead of us, there is an increasing desire to build together across traditional silos. Our projects, policies and business models are resonating with people and even beginning to displace extractive industry. This panel will explore how we can connect and learn from successful experiments, pilot projects, and campaigns to build broad-based power and effect deep transformation at scale.

Hilary Abel, Project Equity
Rebecca Kemble, US Federation of Woker Co-ops / Union Cab of Madison
James Mumm, National People’s Action
Vanessa Timmer, One Earth


Honoring our Histories, Fighting for our Future: Learning From Communities on the Frontlines of a Just Transition

Thursday, October 16 @ 3-4pm EST

Far too often, powerful interests divide communities by presenting a false choice between good jobs and a healthy environment. A fundamental principle of the new economy is the value of cultivating abundance — the idea that there is enough and that we can, and must, have living wages and a liveable planet. And so we must ask ourselves: “How do we transition to a renewable economy without leaving the workers, young people, and communities most impacted by extractive industries behind?

Deirdre Smith, 350
Kwabena Nkromo, Atlanta Food & Farm LLC
Ivy Brashear, Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED)


Displacing Injustice, Embracing Community: Lessons from Local and Regional New Economy Organizing

Friday, October 17 @ 3-4pm EST

From Richmond, CA to Jackson, MI, people are organizing to build local power and are seeing major victories that could point the way forward to a new economy. This panel raises the question: “How can we support neighborhoods, cities, towns, and regions as the fertile ground for the kind of economy we need?”

Aaron Tanaka, Center For Economic Democracy / NEC Board
Stacy Mitchell, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Marnie Thompson, Fund for Democratic Communities


In addition to these panels, a number of NEC coalition members are also hosting online events for New Economy Week:

Transition US Teleseminar: “Re-thinking Our Monetary System: Bay Bucks and the New Economy”
Tuesday, October 14, 2PM to 3:15PM EST

Slow Money State of the Sector Report: A conversation with Woody Tasch, founder and chairman of Slow Money
Wednesday, October 15, 1PM to 2PM EST

Community Resilience 101: How Your Community Can Thrive in Challenging Times by JP New Economy Transition
Thursday, October 16, 12PM-1PM EST

Count Care In: Foundations of Prosperity in a New Economy by the Caring Economics Campaign
Thursday, October 16, 4PM to 5PM EST