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May 20, 2016

Concordia - The School of Community and Public AffairsCommunity Economic Development Graduate Diploma at Concordia University

“For you, for us, for everyone.”

For you

Continue your education without putting your life on hold.

Weekend classes once a month make it possible to continue with your activities while you engage with theory and learn skills to enrich your practice and community engagement. The program has been adapted to accommodate the needs of its students.

For us

Be part of a community that encourages social innovation.

Study at Concordia University where social and collective enterprises are already in action and grassroots initiatives thrive. Take advantage of a unique co-learning experience with community members, classmates, alumni and professors. All within the dynamic and culturally-engaged city of Montreal, that has its own vibrant history of community-based activism for social, political and economic change.

For everyone

Understand and act to meet today’s complex social, economic and environmental challenges.

Use the knowledge you will acquire to contribute to an alternative future. Shape policy, programs, institutions and community as you work with others to (re)build connections between people and with the earth. Students have gone on to work with social justice movements, environmental groups, community organisations as well as social economy initiatives.

Concordia University is still accepting applications for September 2016 

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