Regulatory Consultations on Strengthening and Modernizing the Canada Labour Code

June 20, 2019

Labour Program Stakeholder EngagementEmployment and Social Development Canada is inviting participation in consultations on the development of regulations for recent amendments to Part III (Labour Standards) of the Canada Labour Code (Code) to improve protections for employees, particularly those in precarious work, while supporting productive workplaces. These amendments, introduced in Bill C-86 – the Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 2, aim to:

  • make it easier for employees to qualify for certain labour standards;
  • add new scheduling, break and leave provisions to improve work-life balance;
  • increase the minimum age to be employed in certain types of work;
  • adjust the existing leave for members of the Canadian Forces reserve;
  • provide measures to ensure employees in non-standard employment are treated fairly;
  • modify individual and group notice of termination requirements to help safeguard the financial security of employees whose employment is ended; and
  • improve the administration of Part III of the Code.

These amendments are coming into force in several waves over the next two years, with the majority of changes be coming into force on September 1, 2019.

To ensure that the regulations meet their intended purpose and balance the needs of all stakeholders, your feedback is sought on the Labour Program Stakeholder Engagement discussion paper. The paper outlines the changes to the Code and poses specific questions for your consideration. Your views on any aspects of the new provisions are welcome. For example, in addition to the discussion on regulations, we are interested in knowing what type of guidance, information materials and other tools would be most useful for helping employers and employees understand their obligations and rights.

To ensure that your written input is fully considered in the regulatory development process, please e-mail your written comments to brenda.baxter at by June 28, 2019.