Report on Emerging Leaders Activity at World Youth Congress

December 19, 2008

Emerging Leaders Committe Members Led Workshop at World Youth Congress, Quebec City, 2008

Social enterprise has been the subject of increased interest and activity in Canada and overseas, as citizens strive to balance the economic, social and environmental outcomes of their activities. Among youth in particular, there is a sense that we cannot continue with “business as usual,” as we seek innovative ways to address the challenges of global warming, a flagging global economy, costly conflicts, and globalization.

On Wednesday August 13, 2008, members of the Emerging Leaders Committee of the Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet) conducted a workshop on youth and social enterprise in Canada at the 4th World Youth Congress, “Regeneration 2008,” which took place at Laval University in Quebec City. Within the global context described above, the workshop’s primary objectives were to introduce an international youth audience to how youth are engaged in social enterprise in Canada.

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