Request for Proposals for Social Finance Mechanisms for Crime Prevention

August 27, 2015

Government of CanadaPublic Safety Canada is seeking proposals for developing a strategic plan and proof-of-concept pilot projects for testing the use of social finance mechanisms in the domain of crime prevention.

The purpose of the work is to obtain professional services from social finance experts for the following objectives:

Phase 1 – Develop a strategic plan regarding social finance as it relates to crime prevention that identifies what conditions are required to lead to the development of pilot project(s) and a framework required to get pilot project(s) ready for implementation; and 

Phase 2 – As required, provide project management for testing of pilot project(s).

This requirement will be handled in a Two-Phase Approach. Each Phase is identified in the statement of work. At the end of the first Phase, PS will decide whether or not to proceed to the next phase. The second phase will be managed through task authorizations.

Download the Proposal Form

Phase 1 – Strategic Plan

  1. An updated project plan 
  2. A progress report with outline of the strategic plan paper
  3. A Draft Report of the strategic plan as per Article 4.1.  
  4. A Final Strategic Plan Report.
  5. Prepare and deliver PowerPoint presentation that synthesizes the Strategic Plan Report to PS Senior Management.

Phase 2 – Development and Implementation of Potential Pilot(s)

In the event that a written authorization from the Contracting Authority is issued to the Contractor to perform the services of Phase 2, the Contractor maybe required but is not limited to provide the following deliverables.  All work will be specified in an authorized task authorization. 

  1. A work plan.
  2. Development and implementation plan(s).
  3. Weekly status reports.
  4. Terms and conditions of pilot projects
  5. Project charter documents for signature for all stakeholders
  6. Specific reports regarding the experimental design, performance measures and evaluation framework for the pilot project(s).
  7. Summary reports including lessons learned for pilot project(s)

Deadline:  September 23

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