– A New Approach to Local Economic Development

November 20, 2012

Growing out of the Metcalf Foundation’s Inclusive Local Economies Program in Toronto, is a platform for communication, collaboration and innovation on economic well-being in low-income neighbourhoods.

On the website, you can:

  • Hear different perspectives on common concerns via a blog.
  • Share your ideas, resources and information about upcoming events.
  • Find potential collaborators and inspiration for your work.
  • Get connected to a growing network dedicated to creating real economic opportunities for all in tough times and difficult circumstances.

The Metcalf Foundation’s Inclusive Local Economies Program was created as a response to profound changes in the world of work.

In the past, many low-wage jobs were the first rung on an economic ladder leading to greater skills, meaningful work, and higher pay. Today’s low-wage jobs are becoming dead-ends, short-term positions without prospects for earning a decent living or providing for a family.

This reality is tearing the social and economic fabric of our cities – dampening aspirations, producing poverty and growing inequality. It’s also mobilizing uncommon collaborators around promising solutions and across traditional lines.

Read more about why and how the Metcalf Foundation is engaging in this new approach to economic development!