Investing in Place: Economic Renewal in Northern British Columbia

University of British Columbia Press

Author +
Sean Markey, Greg Halseth, Don Manson

Year: 2012

About the BookNorthern British Columbia is a place of rich cultures, diverse communities, and a strong sense of identity. The future of this vast, resource-rich region and the people who call it home could be either driven by a narrow economic agenda or guided by innovative, place-based solutions that seek to build viable communities and resilient local and regional economies.

Investing in Place is about creating the foundations for renewing northern British Columbia’s rural and small-town economies. Markey, Halseth, and Manson argue that renewal is not about nostalgic reliance on the policies and economic strategies of the past — rather, it is about building a pragmatic and innovative vision for development, one that acknowledges both the opportunities and the challenges posed by resource development and global and technological change.
For policy-makers and residents alike the path to renewal lies in place-based development, which consists of people working together at all levels of the community and region to take advantage of local opportunities in a sustainable, responsible way.

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