The Community Land Trust Handbook

The National CLT Network,

Year: 2012

The Community Land Trust (CLT) Handbook is the complete A – Z of how to start, build and run a CLT project, from the first idea to the bricks and mortar.

The CLT Handbook is accompanied by model policies and best practice material. These policies will be available to purchase with the complete, printed version of the CLT Handbook from the National CLT Network, from the new year.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Starting Out
  • Chapter 3: Allocating Housing
  • Chapter 4: Forming a CLT – Governance and legal structures
  • Chapter 5: Making it Stack Up
  • Chapter 6: Tenure Options
  • Chapter 7: Land and planning 
  • Chapter 8: Developing the Scheme
  • Chapter 9: Ongoing management and community involvement
  • Chapter 10: Community Rights
  • Chapter 11: Community energy generation
  • Chapter 12: Community food and farming 

The CLT Handbook is available to buy for £25 + £4 postage and packaging. Please contact info at or 020 3764 1841 to order a copy.

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