CED Profile: WCEO: Westman Coalition for Employment Opportunities Inc

The Canadian CED Network,

Year: 2011

This is one of the Canadian CED Network’s CED in Manitoba Profiles Project produced 50 stories of Manitoba communities working to build fairer and stronger local economies, reduce poverty, and revitalize neighbourhoods.

Looking to meet the employment services for individuals with disabilities, community partners in the Southwest region of Manitoba decided to pool their resources and created the Westman Coalition for Employment Opportunities (WCEO). This partnership consists of 13 service providers located in the Westman region who facilitate interagency collaboration through this coalition, creating synergies that accomplish more than would be possible through their existing organizational capacities working in isolation.

Coalition partners work together to provide coordinated quality employment related services addressing the needs of individuals living with disabilities in the region. This partnership model adopted by the Westman Coalition has introduced an alternative service delivery method featuring separate programs and components, each of which operates under the coordinating group.