Co-op e-Learning Courses

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The Ontario Co-operative Association (On Co-op)

Year: 2014

Covering everything from co-operative fundamentals to best practices for particular sectors, On Co-op’s suite of online learning courses are ideal for everyone from new co-operators to board members to senior management. On Co-op’s e-Learning course can be completed in about seven to ten hours, approximately 2-3 hours of which will be spent online. You do not need to be affiliated with an Ontario co-operative to register.

Enrolled students can access the online content which includes self directed quizzes, reflections, and other assignments that students can evaluate independently. In addition to online content, users will be sent a comprehensive course package with reading materials and other resources that are useful outside the scope of the course.

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About the E-Learning Program:

  • On Co-op’s self-directed e-courses are designed for those governing, leading, working in, or entering the co‑operative movement. On Co-op has developed this series of ten Co-op e-Learning Courses, providing you with targeted and topical information on a variety of co-operative subjects.
  • The Co-op e-Learning Courses offer a flexible learning schedule, allowing you to further your co-op knowledge at a time and a pace that meets YOUR needs. Once you register and receive your password, you have 24/7/365 access from the comfort of your home or work computer. Review material and go back to past lessons at any time.
  • Components of each e-course vary, but may include readings, selections from printed books/articles, videos and self-directed exercises, quizzes or reflective assignments.
  • Each Co-op e-Learning course can be completed in about seven to ten hours, approximately 2-3 hours of which will be spent online. Courses can be taken in any combination or order, allowing you to tailor learning to your needs.
  • The courses and lessons are not moderated. Exercises and assignments are not graded but provide a method for students to self-evaluate their learning.
  • High speed internet access is recommended

Course Catalogue:


1. The Co‑operative Context
2. The Legislative and Regulatory Framework
3. Governance, Management and Membership
4. Developing a Co‑operative
5. Financing Your Co‑operative


6. Agricultural Co‑operatives
7. Social, Health and Homecare Co‑operatives
8. Renewable Energy Co‑operatives
9. Local Economic Development and Co‑operatives
10. Child Care and Housing Co‑operatives