The Power of Community

The Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative

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Judith Lipp and Brett Dolter

Year: 2016

How community-owned renewable energy can help Ontario create a powerful economic advantage

When it comes to maximizing the economic benefits and public support for clean energy sources like wind and solar, community participation and ownership matters.

Worldwide, community owned renewable energy projects are creating a multitude of benefits in comparison to commercially developed projects, including higher job creation, stronger economic impacts and better social license to develop projects.

With the Feed-in Tariff program under Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act, community participation of renewables in Ontario has increased dramatically since 2010.

This report outlines the environmental, social, and economic benefits of locally owned and operated renewable power.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Benefits of Community Power

   Environmental Attributes of Community Power
   Locally Generated Electricity System Benefits
   Reinforcing Public Support for ‘Going Green’
   Community Power as an Economic Driver
Community Power Poised for Growth
The Co-op Sector
First Nations Leadership
Case Study: The Economic Benefits of Community Ownership
Keep Community Power Growing
Recommendations to Keep Community Power Growing
Appendix A: Economic Impacts of Community Solar FIT Projects

   Direct Economic Impacts
   Indirect Economic Impacts
   Induced Impacts
   Economic Impacts of a 297kW SolarShare Project
   Economic Impacts of Community Solar
   Appendix A References
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