Looking Inward: Thrive Reflects on its Impact

Thrive Calgary

Year: 2016

In November 2015, Thrive hired an external consultant to assess its impact, as well as to capture important lessons and implications for Thrive as a social change initiative going forward. This brief shares an overview of the achievements, challenges and lessons that emerged between 2010 and 2015. Thrive is, at its core, a collective effort to create a vibrant local economy that works better for more people. Businesses, individuals, non-profits and government representatives within Thrive’s network are making significant contributions in shaping Calgary’s local economy. Without them, we would have few achievements to celebrate. In sharing the lessons learned, collectively we can continue to advance a local economy for all. 

Thrive was created in 2006, as Calgary’s Community Economic Development (CED) network. Our intent was to gauge interest of Calgarians in promoting and building support for CED in Calgary. In 2010, Thrive’s network identified four central strategies to pursue this change:

  1. Be a catalyst for learning, connecting, convening and action throughout the CED network;
  2. Identify trends and opportunities;
  3. Advocate for and influence policy and systems changes; and
  4. Build relationships and stimulate collaborative action between not-for-profit, business, government and individuals to advance CED strategies in Calgary.

Acheivements and Results

   Changes in the landscape
   A network for action
   From learning to launching
Lessons and Implications
What’s next?