Community Development Corporation (CDC) Manual 2017

Government of Manitoba,

Year: 2017

Community Development Corporation ManualThis manual provides community members, community leadership, development service providers and other stakeholders with a tool for economic development. This is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use manual and is specifically applicable to Indigenous Relations (IR) communities.

This manual includes practical information about how to start and operate a CDC in Manitoba. The information can serve as a starting point for discussion, for action and for developing a solid understanding of CDCs.

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Table of Contents

   Purpose of the Manual
   What is a Community Development Corporation
      How are Community Development Corporations Formed
      Resolution by Council
      Ministerial Approval
      Guidelines for Articles of Incorporation and Bylaw
      Financial Structure
      Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance
Operating Guidelines
   Key Functions of a Community Development Corporation
      Business Assistance
      Community Enhancement
      Other Functions
   Financing a Community Development Corporation
      Revenue Sources
   Community Development Corporation Administration
      Strategic Planning
      Administrator or Community Development Officer
   General Administration
      Duties and Responsibilities
   Human Resources
   Taxation Implications
   Annual Return of Information
   Banking, Legal and Accounting
   Meetings, Committees and Public Relations
   Community Development Corporation Manual
   Policies and Procedures
   Use of Financial Agencies
   Support Organizations
Other Information
   Reactivating an Existing Community Development Corporation
   Dissolution of the Community Development Corporation
   A. Part XXI, Section 262 to 264 of The Corporations Act
   B. Chart to Form a CDC
   C. Sample Certified Resolution for the Formation of a CDC
   D. Sample Bylaw
   E. Section 56 of The Northern Affairs Act
   F. Contact List