The Effect of Information Technologies on Aboriginal Employment in the Airline and Banking Sectors

Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy,

Author +
Kathleen Sexsmith and Aaron Pettman, Supervised by John Loxley

Year: 2005

Both the banking and airlines industries are experiencing periods of significant structural change. Since these sectors are service-based, companies have come to rely increasingly on information technologies in order to remain competitive and to grow. Moreover, both industries were affected by changes in government regulation in recent years. This report explores the effects of these factors, among others, on employment opportunities for designated and non-designated groups alike. The first section of this report discusses structural change, new technologies and workforce composition in the airlines and banking sectors. Section two explores the opportunities for employment for Aboriginal people in these sectors, while section three compares these with actual demographics of Aboriginal employment levels. Section four reviews the results of interviews with education and training organizations, airlines and banks about opportunities for, and levels of, Aboriginal employment. Section five presents the observations and opinions of the authors and of a select number of interviewees on the efforts that should be taken to equitably integrate Aboriginal people into the banking and airlines industries. Appendices of statistics on the banking and airlines sectors and Aboriginal employment follow.

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