Aboriginal Learners in Selected Adult Learning Centres in Manitoba

Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy,

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Jim Silver with Darlene Klyne and Freeman Simard

Year: 2005

This is a study of Aboriginal adult learners in five Adult Learning Centres (ALCs) in Manitoba. The objective was to determine what keeps Aboriginal adult learners attending ALCs, and what contributes to their successes in ALCs. Adult Learning Centres profiled in the research include; The Portage Learning Centre, Long Plain Training Centre, CrossRoads Learning Centre, Horizons Learning Centre and Urban Circle Training Centre. Each profile includes a section on suggestions for improvement. The report concludes that these ALCs provide a powerful and effective new approach to education in Manitoba. This is particularly, but perhaps not only, the case for Aboriginal adult learners. Most of the ALCs investigated could be made even better than they are by incorporating some findings from the investigation that are confirmed in the literature on adult education generally, and Aboriginal adult education in particular. The report concludes with a summary of the findings, a discussion of the relationship of the findings to the literature, and some recommendations that arise from the interviews.

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