A Faster, More Agile And Certain Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Growth Strategy Subcommittee on Innovation

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Matt DeCourcey, Sean Casey, Andy Fillmore, Nick Whalen

Year: 2017

The Government of Canada remains firmly committed to working with the Atlantic Provinces to take bold action – under the Atlantic Growth Strategy (AGS) – to create good-paying, middle class jobs, strengthen local communities, and grow the economy. The AGS has five pillars: Skilled Workforce and Immigration, Trade and Investment, Innovation, Clean Growth and Climate Change, and Infrastructure.

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In connection with the Innovation pillar of the AGS, the Federal Liberal Atlantic Caucus appointed an Innovation Subcommittee (the Subcommittee) comprised of Matt DeCourcey – MP Fredericton (Chair), Sean Casey – MP Charlottetown, Andy Fillmore – MP Halifax, and Nick Whalen – MP St. John’s East. The mandate of the Subcommittee is to propose meaningful and measurable action in the form of pilot programming or projects, and to recommend changes to existing programs, in both rural and urban areas, with the goal of fostering economic growth under the Innovation pillar under the AGS.

The Subcommittee held public and private consultations with stakeholders from each of the four Atlantic Provinces in Fredericton, Moncton, Charlottetown, Halifax and St. John’s.

Social Innovation – Page 16

The federal government can better enable the intersection between social and business innovation (e.g., social enterprises are not eligible for 95% of federal programs and services). Although some programs are accessible in theory, subjective application of ACOA programs has typically not favoured social enterprises. Applicable programs are not known well, obscure at best, or too difficult to leverage. Federal programs and services are generally not mandated to properly support social innovation. Social impact and benefits could be part of proposal requirements…

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Social enterprise brings community and business together. As stated above, it increases livability in any region. Younger generations are attracted to this kind of work if offered the opportunity to make a difference rather than to make a higher wage. Many passionate and educated youth are not interested in traditional industries. The Digby Neck Collective Society, driven by millennials, has rallied their community, saved a school building, and may create a community cafe…