A Guide for Developing Neighbourhood Plans (Neighbourhoods Alive!)

Manitoba Government

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Manitoba Government

Year: 2002

A Guide for Developing Neighbourhood Plans is a joint publication of Manitoba Intergovernmental Affairs and the City of Winnipeg’s Planning, Property and Development Department – Planning and Land Use Division. The Guide was developed as part of the Manitoba Government’s Neighbourhoods Alive! program, which provides community organizations in designated neighbourhoods with the support they need to rebuild these neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods Alive! recognizes that often the best ideas for neighbourhood revitalization come from the community itself.

This guide has been developed to assist neighbourhoods and communities to organize, plan effectively and get some of the resources they may need to improve their neighbourhoods.

Every good planning process, however, has certain “basics” in common. These include:

  • Representation of key neighbourhood stakeholders
  • Consensus Building towards decision making
  • Open Communication with the neighbourhood

This guide includes suggestions on how to get started with your plan, steps to consider as you proceed, and where to find additional resources. The “Resources in Print” section (Appendix 7) is a bibliography of resources grouped under topics you may wish to explore further. Internet sites and a listing of contacts that might help you along the way are also provided in the appendices. This guide provides some examples and ideas that may help you, but keep in mind that your local library, university libraries and the Internet can also be great sources of reference material.

Download the Neighbourhood Planning Guide