Agricultural Land Trust Research Project

Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy,

Author +
Blair Hamilton

Year: 2005

This research project explores the ways in which the residents of Franklin, Manitoba might react to developing an agricultural land trust, an alternative model that places importance on non-economic dimensions of farming, and takes an alternative view of property rights. Land trusts assemble both donated and purchased land to include in the trust. Funds to purchase land are typically provided by individuals, foundations and government. Land trusts are usually charitable organizations which can issue tax receipts for donated land or money. The trust then makes the land available for specified uses which vary according to the type of trust. The research report looks at some general trends in modern agriculture drawing on economic data, gives a brief demographic overview of Franklin, offers Agricultural Census information on farming practices, describes some analysis of land ownership data, explores the theoretical basis of the land trust model and provides case studies, and discusses some of the issues around a possible application of the land trust model in Franklin, synthesizing hard data, theoretical frameworks, and community responses.

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