Alternative/Training Businesses: New Practice, New Directions

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Eric Shragge, Kathryn Church, Jean-Marc Fontan, Élaine Lachance

Year: 1999

Alternative/Training Businesses : New Practice /New Directions is a project that has been carried out in 1998-1999. It brought together researchers and practitioners from universities and the community sectors in Montreal and Toronto to link new forms of community practice with the question of how to evaluate these new forms. As in many projects, the answer was complex. In this final report for the project, an overview of the project is presented, as well as some of the major findings and orientations developed.

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Table of Contents

1. Project Objectives
2. Case Studies
2.1 Methodology
2.2 Discussions of Case Studies
2.3 Final Remarks
3. Evaluation
3.1 How did we develop the document?
3.2 Overview and Basic Argument
3.3 Guidelines
3.4 Evaluation Process
3.5 Evaluation Content: Some suggestions
3.5.1 Business
3.5.2 Training/work
3.5.3 Community Links
3.5.4 Internal democracy
3.5.5 Impact/process
4. Pilot Projects
4.1 Projets PART (prepared by Élaine Lachance)
4.2 A-WAY Express Couriers (prepared by Kathryn Church)

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Table of Contents


– HRDA Enterprises
– Mill Lane Enterprises & Ever Green Recycling
– New Beginnings

– Aide Communautaire Limoilou
– Atelier Le Coup de Main enr.
– L’Atelier du Seigneur Masson
– L’Auguste Chiffonnier inc.
– Le Boulot Vers
– C.A.D.R.E. inc
– Centre de transition le Sextant inc
– CFER de Québec Inc.
– Chic Resto Pop
– Corporation D-Trois Pierres
– Les entreprises de la Coterie de Beauport inc
– L’Escale du Lac
– Le Groupe Communautaire l’Itinéraire
– Maison Le Ricochet
– Le Pavois inc
– Restaurant Le Piolet
– La Relance Inc
– Renaissance Montréal
– Société Générale de Développement de la Forêt Publique (S.G.D.F.P.)

– ABEL Enterprises
– A-Way Express
– Amity Goodwill Industries
– As You Like It Café
– Fresh Start Cleaning & Maintenance
– Inspirations
– Learning Enrichment Foundation
– Prezents of Mind
– Street City Bikes

Western Provinces
– Edmonton Recycling Society
– Motive-Action
– Option Youth Society – Picasso Café
– Tradeworks Training Society
– United We Can
– The Victoria Garden Training Project
– Young Women Creating Change

United States
– Binding Together
– California Emergency Foodlink
– Co-operative Home Care Associates
– The Garden Project
– Harlem Textile Works
– Sisters Of The Road Café
– Vocational Guidance Services
– Wyman Way Co-op