An Inventory of Provincial and Territorial Government Support to CED in Canada

The Canadian CED Network

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Jennifer Infanti, Rupert Downing, Farrar Brodhead

Year: 2003

This report summarizes the current support of each provincial and territorial government in Canada for community economic development (CED) activities. It is intended for use by CED practitioners in the public, private and non-profit sectors, as a catalogue or inventory of provincial government support for community economic development organizations, policies, activities and initiatives. It can also be used to compare jurisdictional similarities and differences and to evaluate the overall adequacy of provincial government support for community-led social and economic development initiatives. The report can be used by CED practitioners and advocates to identify areas of government support that could be improved to increase the capacities of communities to create new economic opportunities and improve their social and environmental conditions. Finally, the report will provide baseline data on provincial and territorial policies and programs to support dialogue between governments to further empower CED.

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