Assembling Understandings: Findings from the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships, 2005-2011

Canadian Social Economy Hub,

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Matthew Thompson and Joy Emmanuel

Year: 2012

Close to 400 products were generated through the various research projects coming out of the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP). This body of research is a substantial contribution to understanding the history, the current context, and the future of the social economy in Canada.

With Assembling Understandings, the Canadian Social Economy Hub has developed a thematic summary of the CSERP outputs, exploring the following dominant crosscutting themes within the research findings: Mapping, Social Enterprise, Co-operatives, Indigenous Peoples, Organizational Governance & Capacity, Social Finance, and Public Policy.

What emerges with Assembling Understandings is a detailed snapshot of the remarkably robust and innovative nature of Canada’s social economy, and demonstrates where key developments can potentially have a significant influence on the continued economic growth and social impact of the sector.

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