Asset-based, Resident-led Neighbourhood Development

Caledon Institute,

Author +
Eric Leviten-Reid

Year: 2006

The Asset-based, Resident-led Neighbourhood Development report presents insights derived from Action for Neighbourhood Change’s (ANC) first 14 months of operation. It highlights the asset-based, resident-led approach pursued on the ground in the five participating neighbourhoods. It also considers the roles that government and voluntary sector partners at the national level can play in support of such initiatives.

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Table of Contents

Collaborative action learning
Toward a Canadian model of neighbourhood revitalization

Asset-based, resident-led neighbourhood development
Neighbourhood voice and the re-emergence of community development
the significance of ‘place’
      defining neighbourhood
      importance and limitations of data
      discerning readiness
      managing perceptions and expectations
      a process of discovery
      stages of the development process
      tailoring to local realities
      importance of resident involvement
Supporting neighbourhood revitalization
United Way: a facilitation and bridging role
engaging as partners and co-learners
risks and opportunities
coordinating overall partnership
federal government: key element in the ‘system of support’
importance of policy work
uncertainty around the policy stream
supporting horizontal initiatives