Big Ideas for Job Creation, A Policy Brief Highlighting Job Creating Initiatives

Big Ideas for Job Creation

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A project of the University of California

Year: 2011

This project gathered ideas from leading experts in the US to develop job creation proposals that met the following criteria:  designed for implementation by cities and/or states and will lead to net new job creation in the short-term; practical, sustainable, scalable and already tested; and all jobs created should be accessible for low-skilled workers and offer some career opportunity.  Based on this research, they present a wide range of costs from — $1,000 to $230,000 per job —  for the creation of a variety of jobs, from part-time self-employment through full-year, full-time high quality jobs. Together, these proposals can create millions of new jobs.

Project Contents:

Tax and Employment Policy Approaches

  • Hiring Credits During Recessions
  • Subsidized Jobs
  • Short Time Compensation
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Direct Job Creation Program

Sectoral or Industry Approaches

  • Retrofitting Institutions
  • Turning Waste Into Jobs
  • Retrofitting Homes
  • Reviving Manufacturing
  • Improving Early Childhood Education Jobs

Entrepreneurship Approaches

  • Community-Based Job Creation
  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce
  • Regulatory Relief for Minority-Owned Businesses
  • Tax Benefits for Entrepreneurs