Board Development Manual

Community Futures Development Association of Western Canada,

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Sharleen Sutherland, Consulting; Jonathan Kinney, Consultant


This report includes 12 modules on Board Development:

Module 1- Community Economic Development and the Role of Planning-The goal of this module is to provide a thorough understanding of Community Economic Development (CED), its objectives, and the main issues affecting it.

Module 2- Operations-Board and Staff. Community Futures Board members fulfill five major leadership functions: decision maker, advisor, trustee, perpetuator and leader. This module examines these functions and the critical principles underlying them.

Module 3- Legal Responsibilities of Boards. The purpose of this module is to familiarize Directors with the legal environment that exists for Community Futures and the legal framework within which they provide leadership.

Module 4- Financial Management of a Community Futures. This module demonstrates the relationship between financial management and the long-range goals that Boards must establish. Boards must be able to set financial policies and evaluate their organization’s financial performance

Module 5- Board Development and Evaluation.This module examines the role and accountability of the Board of Directors. Board members must demonstrate leadership through commitment, integrity and teamwork.

Module 6- Community Futures Lending. The objective of this module is to reiterate the role of Boards in loan administration and the overall management of the loan fund. Board members must have a solid understanding of many aspects of lending and loan administration.

Module 7- Management Recruitment,Performance, and Evaluation This module focuses on the recruitment, compensation, and evaluation of the General Manager of Community Futures organizations

Module 8- Board Leadership This module allows participants to evaluate their skills as leaders in the capacity of a Community Futures Board member, and enhance their abilities as a strong leader.

Module 9- Cultural Awareness.Board members must provide leadership in bringing cultural awareness to their organizations. This module deals with the cultural diversity of our country and communities and examines the growing importance of cultural sensitivity

Module 10- Social Economy.This module delves into the whole concept of social economy, what it is, and what role Community Futures has to play in the instigation and implementation of social economy components.

Module 11- Organizational Assessment. This module aims to help participants recognize the achievements of their Board and to identify where further improvements can be made.

Module 12- So You Want To Be a Community Futures Chair – Chairing With Confidence. This module examines the Chair’s roles and responsibilities as they relate to the public, stakeholders, partners, funders, the corporation, Board Members, and Community Futures staff.

Community Futures Board Development Program
Board Training Session Process

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