Building “Buy Local” Campaigns that Shift Culture and Spending

American Independent Business Alliance

Author +
Milchen, Jeff

Year: 2014

The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) has developed a new guide to help independent business owners, localist advocates, and local officials promote local business and community wealth building. The guide outlines strategies to build successful “Buy Local” campaigns that encourage consumers to shop at locally owned stores. It includes tips and resources for campaign content development, message framing, targeted marketing, and execution.

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Calls to “buy local” seem to have sprung up everywhere in recent years. Recognition of the crucial role small businesses play in creating jobs, strengthening community cohesion and enhancing local character is rising — thanks largely to a rapidly growing number of community coalitions that have formed specifically to support local independent business and build thriving local economies.

The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) helps communities across North America implement and sustain effective “buy local” campaigns in communities of all sizes, ideologies and economic circumstances. This publication draws from that cumulative experience to summarize key principles for independent business owners, advocates and local officials interested in inspiring people to do more of their business locally.

This primer, enabled by underwriting from American Express OPEN, aims both to inspire more of these efforts and help existing campaigns improve. When executed properly, local campaigns to inform the public about the benefits of doing business locally can build a lasting culture of support for small business and help local entrepreneurs to thrive.


I. The Impact of Effective “Buy Local” Campaigns
II. Keys to Shifting Culture and Spending
III. Delivering Your Message for Maximum Impact
IV. Beyond “Buy Local”: Building Strength in Numbers
V. Organizational Structure and Partnerships
VI. Get Started